Tri-Atholton Course Maps for 2013


The map above shows the courses for all age levels, with details provided below.


Above is the half mile bike ride. Only the 5-6 year olds will bike this route.


Above is the quarter mile run. When the 5-6 year olds finish their bike route, they will return their bikes to the transition area and then proceed to Groveleigh to start their run. A short distance up and back.


Above is the one mile bike ride. It starts down Wesleigh Dr and goes clockwise as shown above. Different age groups will do different numbers of laps.


Above is the half mile run. Both the 7-8 and the 9-10 age groups will use this run.


Above is the 1 mile run. The older age groups will run across Seneca (police will be present to ensure safe crossing) and back to the park area behind the school and return the same way. The runners will make a right turn and stay on the path parallel to the parking lot, turning around in the parking lot and returning on the path.

Above is the overall athlete flow showing the transition area which is in the pool parking lot. Please note that parents are not allowed in the transition area during the race. Young athletes will have assistance from race volunteers.